Wholistic Massage Practitioner Certification

Wholistic Massage with Total Tuition – Spring Start

Wholistic Massage with Total Tuition – Fall Start

Students interested in holistic healthcare would truly benefit from Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies’ Wholistic Massage Practitioner certificate. In addition to massage, the Wholistic Massage Practitioner certification at Lourdes Institute includes instructional, hand-on class hours in advanced courses such as Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue massage, Intergrated Myofascial Techniques and Intro to Reflexology. The Wholistic Massage Practitioner certification also offers a personalized summer semester where you can choose from a series of courses that meet your interest. Lastly, all students enrolled will participate in a student massage clinic where you will receive hands on experience on clients from the community who are in need of service. All students graduating from the 617 hour Wholistic Massage Practitioner certification program will be eligible to sit for the state certification exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.