My Yoga Journey: Losing A Soul Mate, Finding A Soul Mat

In January I started training to become a yoga instructor. I thought I would share my transformative journey as it unfolds. For fellow yogis — my stories will remind you of why you practice. For non-yogis — come along for the ride — maybe I’ll entice you to try a class or two.

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Dr. Pileggi is the Dean of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies. He received his Masters Degree in Holistic Health Sciences and his Doctorate in Holistic Arts and Practices and is a nationally Registered Holistic Practitioner specializing in Advanced Bodywork and Somatic Therapies. He is the founder of Corrective Muscle Therapy®, holding certificates in over 20 modalities and Athletic Training. In addition to his studies, Dr. Pileggi spent five honored years training with the Shamans of the Abenaki American Indians in Northern Vermont. Along with his duties as Dean of LIWS, Dr. Pileggi has a Corrective Muscle Therapy practice in Burlington Township as part of Lourdes Heath System.