Camden County Partnership

These programs incorporate classes from LIWS and Camden County College. Students take college-level courses while earning Massage Therapy Certification. Additionally, the college credits earned can be used toward the Massage Therapy Associates Degree in Applied Science or Certificate of Achievement.

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Continuing Education Programs

Students may choose from any of our courses to maintain their national certification status as well as to update and enhance their skills.

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LIWS Certificate Programs

Our in-house certification programs include:

  • Wholistic Massage Practitioner Certificate (617 Hours)
  • Reflexology Certificate¬†(145 Hours)
  • 200 Hour: Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (200 Hours)
  • 300 Hour: Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (300 Hours)
  • Herbal Medicine Certificate (364 Hours)
  • Aromatherapy Certificate (256 Hours)

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